Vision & Mission

To help people experience healing and freedom in Christ. This is done by encouraging individuals to examine their own hearts against God’s truth to determine their beliefs and to realize and accept by faith the fullness of God and their identity in Christ. We encourage an ever growing intimate relationship with God that will continue to transform them throughout their life.


To provide a place of counsel based on God’s truth, using Scripture as the authority. CrossPointe has counselors that are equipped in approaching people and dealing with their personal struggles by applying the scripture (truth) more specifically and PERSONALLY to their individual situation. CrossPointe is a SAFE, CONFIDENTIAL, ONE-ON-ONE setting where a person can obtain counsel based on God’s truth.


To experience by faith the fullness of God’s glory, mercy, grace, and love in all things. To find healing and freedom in Jesus Christ. When things have shattered in people’s lives we don’t tape the pieces back together again, we allow God to work and make them new again