Stephen and his wife, Gina, experienced a history of broken trust, loss of love, and a continual feeling of hopelessness. After nearly 11 years of marriage they reached their breaking point in which their hopes and dreams had completely broken into a thousand pieces. Eventually they found themselves living under separate roofs and a broken marriage seemed inevitable. Each knew there must be something better, but why had all their efforts seemed to fail? They were both Christians, involved with many aspects of church ministry, believing in Jesus as their Savior, so why was there so much hurt? In a last desperate attempt to find help from their difficulties they reluctantly agreed to go through Biblical Counseling. They were seen by Dr. Clark who was counseling in Raleigh at the time.

They had never heard counseling this way. Each began to discover the bondage they had both been living in and started breaking free from the lies they had once believed. In addition each learned how to put their trust in Christ rather than other things. A relationship that was once in a thousand pieces, God didn’t just tape the pieces back together again but made their relationship new again. Each must be willing to take up responsibility for trusting in Christ and be willing to walk in faith experiencing freedom in Christ.

A year after the counseling experience and the changed life God had given each of them, Stephen and Gina got re-married in Maui.

Johnny Clark and Stephen developed a long lasting relationship becoming close friends. God put on the heart of each that there were many others suffering through life with little hope of a changed life without the love and encouragement of others in the truth.

Through this CrossPointe Biblical Counseling Center was founded by Dr. Johnny R. Clark Jr. and Stephen M. Gilley, and opened in January 2005 in Rocky Mount, NC with the mission to provide a place of counsel based on God’s truth, using scripture as the authority. CrossPointe operates as a non-profit ministry funded by client donations and general contributions.
The vision is to help people experience healing and freedom in Christ. To encourage an ever-growing intimate relationship with Christ.

God continually shows Himself through changed lives and the testimonies of those whom God has made new again. He continues to work through CrossPointe in transforming the hearts of people by developing a true identity in Christ