About Us

CrossPointe Biblical Counseling Center has two locations; one in Greenville, and the other in Raleigh. CrossPointe uses scripture as the authority in helping clients with their struggles. We have highly educated, well trained counselors equipped to meet the client’s needs. Clients are met in a highly confidential safe environment, where each client can be real with the counselor with freedom of knowing they will not be condemned but encouraged.

We believe true healing starts on the inside at the heart where we examine the core of who and what a person believes and then further compare those beliefs along side of God’s truth. Each client is encouraged to build new foundation of beliefs based on God’s truth instead of the many lies of our spiritual enemy. We encourage an intimate relationship with Christ accepting and experiencing by faith the new life that Jesus Christ has available for us through his love and sacrifice on the cross.

CrossPointe operates as a non-profit ministry with faith in God to meet our financial needs through client donations and general contributions.